You can order for your company or institution:

different scientific and applied Research projects including development of new technologies and modern analytical method of analyses.

Organization of training courses with new methods of analytical analyses and analytical instruments for groups and individuals.

We can analyze solid, liquid and gas products and substances in accordance with ISO 17025:2005,
State Institutes of Metrology, ISO and ASTM standard tests methods:
• components of rocket fuel in objects of environment,
• oil and oil products;
• contents of radionuclide;
• organic compounds;
• chemical reactants;
• mineral fertilizers;
• soil and water pollutants, pesticides, herbicides;
• surface-active substances;
• drugs and medicines and so on,

We have production facilities for:

  • different type of Active carbon - mineral adsorbents and filters for purification of portable water, sewage and waste gases of the industrial enterprises, personal protections.
  • electroplating and coatings with precious, non precious and rear metals and manufacturing of galvanocopies.
  • development of new method of quantitative analyses of organics and inorganic substances.
  • development, production and release of the state reference standard and certified reference standard for the Committee for Technical regulation and metrology (KAZMEMST).


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