Testing Center

Testing center (IC) is a structural unit of CPCMRA and accredited by the National accreditation center of the Committee for technical regulation and Metrology of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Executive Director of CI - Baitulayeva Bakhyt Kambaralievna.

Test center includes 6 laboratories:

  • ecology of the biosphere;
  • radiation ecology;
  • technology of electrochemical productions;
  • analytical chemistry of oils;
  • optical methods of investigation and analysis of drugs
  • analysis of metals

The IC performs the testing of products, environmental samples and other works in accordance with the rules and procedures of the State system of technical regulation and accreditation system of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In the scope of accreditation of the CI includes the following objects:
1. Drinking water: the sources of drinking water; centralized and decentralized water supply systems; .
2. Water: surface, underground, brine, mineral, sea, ballast, and precipitation.
3. Waste water sewage (treated waste water, process water, storm water, drilling muds, and so on).
4. Liquid insulation.
5. Soil, sediments, waste production: concentrates; ore; overburden.
6. Mineral fertilizers.
7. Organic fertilizers.
8. Atmospheric air of populated areas and the sanitary protection zone (SPZ).
9. The air of production zone
10. The industrial emissions into the atmosphere.
11. Greenhouse gases.
12. Liquefied hydrocarbon gases.
13. Natural gases.
14. Reagents.
15. Sodium hypochlorite.
16. Oil.
17. The gasoline.
18. The fuel oil.
19. The diesel fuel.
20. White spirit.
21. Medicinal plant material (leaves, grass, flowers, fruits, seeds, bark, roots, rhizomes,
bulbs and other).
22. Tinctures, matrix tinctures.
23. Extracts (liquid, dense, dry, and others).
24. Medicaments for animals, feed, feed additives.
25. Batteries and manganese-zinc and mercury-zinc cells.
26. Batteries and alkaline batteries, Nickel-cadmium, lithium.
27. Coating of metallic and non-metallic inorganic, anodic-oxide semi-finished products of aluminium and its alloys.
28. Coating of metallic and non-metallic inorganic on the plastics.
29. Inhibitors of acid corrosion and corrosion protection of metals in aquatic systems.
30. Raw materials and food products.
31. Vodka and ethyl alcohol.
32. The territory, buildings and structures.
33. Materials and construction products.
34. Metals and their alloys.

All questions should be directed to the Executive Director of the CI CPCMRA -Baitulayeva Bakhyt Kambaralievna (phone +7 (727) 292-67-94, e-mail: nba83@mail.ru).


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