Key directions of scientific activity of the Center:

• fundamental and applied researches in adsorbent nano materials, electro-chemistry, oil and gas petrochemistry, radiation chemistry, chemical technology, physical chemistry and organic chemistry;
• development of new technologies of hydro-metallurgical processes of extraction, concentration and refinement of rare, precious and other metals;
• study and monitoring of radiological situation at the Semipalatinsk nuclear weapons test site;
• pollution monitoring, development of methods of utilization and cleaning of industrial and agricultural wastes;
• remediation of soil and water resources;
• inhibition of corrosion processes for petrochemical industry;
• research and development of new cathodes and anodes material for Lithium-ion batteries;
• development of new methods of syntheses and methods of the analyses of chemicals and materials received from mineral and vegetable raw materials, crude oil and its products;
• development of nano technologies and material science, syntheses of the new composite materials from inorganic, organic compounds, metals and polymers.
• development of technologies of extraction of valuable components from ores and raw materials with adsorptive and extraction processes;
• development of technologies of organic syntheses and analyses of medicines, biological active ingredients from synthetic and natural raw materials.

During last 15 years more than 200 Scientific Research Projects and Commercial Projects were executed by the scientists of the Center including 16 international and national grants.

 Four National Grants for commercialization of technologies from Ministry of Science and Technology supported by World Bank

1."Creation of Production Technology and Production Plant Facilities for Nanostructured Carbon Materials for Chemical, Technological and Remediation Processes" (Research Supervisor - Endowed Chair Prof. Nauryzbayev M. K., Full Prof. Efremov S.) – 2011-2014 for 1 500 000 USD.

2. "Creation of Production line of New Hydrogel Medical Forms of Phytopreparations from Kazakhstan's Green Plant Raw Materials" (Research Supervisor – Endowed Chair Prof. Abilov Zh.A.) – 2012-2015 for 1 500 000 USD.

3. "Development of the methods of obtaining of self-healing composition coatings" (Research Supervisor – Prof. Sokolov A.Yu., Prof. Galeyeva A.K.) – 2012-2014 - 600 000USD.

4 . "Practical Application of the Isotope Relations of Natural Radionuclides in Uranium and Radio Ecology Hydrometallurgy" (Research Supervisor – Prof. Uralbekov B. M., Endowed Chair Prof. Burkitbaev M.M.) 2012-2015 for 600 000USD.

Six Research Grants from International Science and Technology Center (ISTC)

1. K-451” Environment Risks in Baikonur Area and Environment/Modelling and Risk Assessment” System Analysis of an Environment Objects in the Territories of Kazakhstan which Suffered Negative Influence through Baikonur Space Port Activity (Research Supervisor - Endowed Chair Prof. Nauryzbayev M. K., Prof. Batyrbekova S.E.)
K-451.2 “Environment under Baikonur Cosmodrome Influence and Environment/Modelling and Risk Assessment” - System Analysis of Environment Objects of Territories of Kazakhstan, Negatively Affected by the Activity of the "Baikonur" Cosmodrome (Research Supervisor - Endowed Chair Prof. Nauryzbayev M. K., Prof. Batyrbekova S.E.) 2001-2005 for 730 500 USD.

2. K-1482 "Development of Effective Methods of Analysis of Environmental Objects Contaminated with Rocket Fuel Components and Creation of a Scheme of High-Sensitive Biosensor Module for the Presence of Mutagens"
K-1987 Use of nanostructurized carbon materials in chemical-technological processes(Research Supervisors – Prof. Batyrbekova P. E. Prof. Kenesov B. N.) 2007- 2010 for 281 143 USD.

3. K-1117 “Metallized Polyimide Films” - Development of Technology of Electra- and Heatconductive Metallized Polyimide Constructs with High Reflectivity Chemistry / Polymer Chemistry (Research Supervisors – Full Prof. Iskakov R. M., Full Prof. Kurbatov A.P.) 225 000 USA).

4. K-1474 “Radioecology of River Shu in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan Environment/Water Pollution and Control” - The Influence of the Uranium Mining and Extraction Operations on the Environment of the Shu Valley in Southern Kazakhstan and Adjacent Region of Kyrgyzstan. Environment / Water Pollution and Control ( Research Supervisor - Endowed Chair Prof. Burkitbaev M.M.) 146 000 USA, terms: from March, 2008 to March, 2010).

5. K-1700 “Carbon Based Composite Materials” - Development of the Technology for Production of Highly Efficient Sorbents and Composition Materials on the Basis of Carbon containing Ores of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Chemistry / Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Process Engineering
(Research Supervisor – Full Professor Efremov S. A. ) , 2009-2010 for 58 295 USD.

6. K-1983 “Forensic Methodology for Study of Alcoholic Beverages
Chemistry/Analytical Chemistry” (Research Supervisor – Prof. Kenesov B. N.)

Four NATO project


2."Phenols of industrial waste waters: detection, conversion, degradation". ("Phenols of industrial sewage: extraction, conversion and degradation", (Research Supervisor - Endowed Chair Prof. Nauryzbayev M. K.) 2005 – 2009 for 24 000 Euros.

3. "Production of uranium and safety of environment in the Central Asian republics (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan). Research Supervisor - Endowed Chair Prof. Burkitbaev M.M. 2006-2009 for 55 000 USD.

4. "Development of Self-healed Polymer Surface Layes for the Outer Space Conditions"( Research Supervisor - Full Professor Kurbatov A.P., Prof. Galeyeva A. ) 2009-2011 for 62 000 Euros.

INKO-grant Kopernikus

"Research of risk of gold cyanide leaching on health and environment in Central Asia and the Central Europe", financed by the European Union, is carried out together with Medical institute of hygiene of environment Düsseldorf, Germany. (Research Supervisor - Endowed Chair Prof. Nauryzbayev M. K., Prof. Ospanova G. Sh.,) 2001, 4341Euro.

The total amount of financing of CPCMIA only for 2011-2013 was more than 10 million US dollars

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