Scientific laboratories

Research laboratories of different profiles are the basis of the Center of physico-chemical methods of research and analysis.

The main objectives of the Department are :
– development of fundamental and applied research;
– development of new technologies and materials;
– development of scientific schools and leading research groups;
– the expansion of international cooperation with universities and research institutions and organizations of different countries.

The main indicators of the achievements of the laboratories are
– the number of applied research and international grants and grants of RK;
– amount of funds on research and contractual projects,
– the number of publications in top-rated Russian and foreign scientific journals;
– the number of staff who received training in leading Russian and foreign universities and research centers;
– the number of students involved in the research process.

Department includes 13 laboratories:

  • ecology of the biosphere;
  • radiation ecology;
  • analysis of metals;
  • analytical chemistry of oils and their products;
  • technology of electrochemical productions;
  • organic synthesis and chemistry of medicinal substances;
  • composite materials;
  • hydro electro metallurgy;
  • physico-chemical fundamentals of metallurgical processes;
  • colloid chemistry and physics -chemical mechanics;
  • thermal analysis;
  • petrochemical synthesis;
  • gas chemistry.

The first 6 laboratories were accredited and were included in the Test Center.

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