Metals Analysis in different matrix

Laboratory activities related with analysis and development of new methods for determination metals in the ore, technogenic and secondary raw materials. Research is particularly relevant for Republic of Kazakhstan, which has considerable reserves of rare-metal raw materials.
Laboratory characterized of flexible and accurate response to the changing needs of customers.
The main purpose - to obtaining high-quality analytical information.
The laboratory is part of the Test Center.

Main directions of research
• Development of new methods for determining the elements and impurities in various objects by X-ray fluorescence methods, atomic absorption spectrometry and mass spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma.
• Obtaining of composite electrochemical coatings with desired properties.
• Technological processes of extracting of gold from ores, concentrates, industrial raw materials and solutions.

Laboratory provides the following activities of the Centre
• Implementation of research works: fundamental and applied researches, development of new technologies
• Development of regulations and methodologies (state standards, standards of organizations, measurement techniques)
• Performing of arbitration, certification and control analyzes of mineral and technogenic raw materials, metals, environment and food objects
• Advanced training courses for laboratory and engineers in areas of analytical chemistry
• XRF qualitative spectral analysis (express control of metals and alloys)
• XRF quantitative analysis of soil and water on metals content
• Qualitative and quantitative analysis of objects by the methods of atomic absorption spectrometry and mass spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma
• Isotope analysis.

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