Laureate of State prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of science, technology and education;
Doctor of technical Sciences, Professor Emeritus

Nauryzbayev Mikhail Kassymovich

phone: +7 (727) 292-00-08, e-mail:

First Deputy Director

Doctor of chemical Sciences, Professor Emeritus

Dossumov Kussman Dossumovich

phone: +7 (727) 239-06-24, e-mail:

Deputy Director for innovation and technological activities

Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Full Professor

Efremov Sergey Anatolievich

phone: +7 (727) 292-67-30, e-mail:

Deputy Director for Science

PhD, Professor

Galeyeva Alina Kulbayevna

phone: +7 (727) 292-09-91, e-mail:

Deputy Director for international relations

PhD, Professor

Kenessov Bulat Nurlanovich

phone: +7 (727) 292-09-91, e-mail:

Scientific Manager

PhD, Professor

Tukenova Zulfiya Aidunovna

phone: +7 (727) 292-44-87, e-mail:

Director of Testing Center

Baytullaeyeva Bakhyt Kambaralyievna

phone: +7 (727) 292-67-94, e-mail:


Mikhail Nauryzbayev, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor
Director of the Center of Physical Chemical Methods of Research and Analysis

ORCID: 0000-0002-6781-6464
ResearcherID: D-3432-2012
1965 – Specialist diploma; Department of Analytical Chemistry of S.M. Kirov Kazakh State University (KazSU)
1970 – Candidate of Chemical Science, S.M. Kirov Kazakh State University
1976 – Senior Scientist title awarded
1992 – Doctor of Science degree awarded
1992 – Professor title awarded
Key career dates:
1970-1972 – Junior Scientist , Department of Analytical Chemistry of KazSU.
1972-1983 – head of Research Section of KazSU.
1983-1987 – Dean of the Chemical Faculty of KazSU.
1987-1988 – Docent of the Department of Analytical Chemistry.
1988-1991 – Rector of Kazakh Chemical Technological Institute (KazCTI).
1991-1992 – Head of the Department of Technology of Electrochemical Production of KazCTI.
1992-1993 – vice-director of the Institute of Ergonomics of the Ministry of Higher and High Specialized Education of Kazakh SSR.
1993-2009 – head of the Department of Analytical Chemistry of KazSU.
1995-2000 – Dean of the Chemical Faculty of KazSU.
2009 – Present time – Professor of the Department of Analytical, colloid chemistry and technology of rare elements and director of CPCMA.
2003 – Present - Director of the Center of Physical Chemical Methods of Research and Analysis (CPCMA) of al-Farabi Kazakh National University
Awards and medals:
1984 – “For Labor Valor” medal.
2000, 2004, 2008 – State scholarship of the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) of RK for scientists and specialists who brought in a significant contribution to the development of science and technique in Kazakhstan.
2005 – State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the area of science, technique and education.
2014 - "For Excellence in Chemical Industry" medal, Ministry of Industry and New Technologies
2014 - "80th Anniversary of al-Farabi KazNU" medal
Since 2011 – Kazakh National Academy of Natural Sciences;
Since 2004 – American Chemical Society
Recent international projects:
2012-2014 - “Creation of pilot production of nano-structured carbon-containing materials for chemical-technological processes”, funded by World Bank and Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan;
2003-2006 - K-451.2 project “System Analysis of Environment Objects of Territories of Kazakhstan, Negatively Affected by the Activity of the "Baikonur" Cosmodrome”, funded by the International Science and Technology Center (ISTC, and European Union
More than 300 publications.
List of key recent publications:
1. Yegemova S.S., Kenessov B.N., Nauryzbayev M.K., Mussina Z.M., 2014. Determination of semivolatile organic pollutants in soil using solid-phase microextraction: a review. Chemical News of the National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan 5(5), 27-33.
2. Nauryzbayev M.K., Meirmanova A., Dzekunov V.P., 2013. The state of technical and natural sciences in Kazakhstan. Chemical Bulletin of Kazakh National University 2, 3-11.
3. Efremov S.A., Nechipurenko S.V., Kazankapova M.K., Washington B., Tassibekov, K.S., Nauryzbaev M.K., 2012. Physico-chemical characteristics of shungite rock of Kazakhstan. Eurasian Chemico-Technological Journal 15, 241-249.
4. Kenessov B., Alimzhanova M., Sailaukhanuly Ye., Baimatova N., Abilev M., Batyrbekova S., Carlsen L., Tulegenov A., Nauryzbayev M., 2012. Transformation products of 1,1-dimethylhydrazine and their distribution in soils of fall places of rocket carriers in Central Kazakhstan. Science of the Total Environment 427-428, 78-85.
5. Alimzhanova M., Kenessov B.N., Nauryzbayev M., Koziel J., 2012. Effects of moisture content and solvent additive on headspace solid-phase microextraction of total petroleum hydrocarbons from soil. Eurasian chemico-technological journal 14, 271-275.
6. Dauletbay A., Braida W., Nauryzbaev M., Kudreeva L., Kurbatov A., Tulegenov A., 2011. Electrodeposition of Mo/MoO x on copper substrate from dimethyl sulfoxide solutions. Eurasian Chemico-Technological Journal 13, 253-260.
7. Sailaukhauly Y., Batyrbekova S.Y., Kenessov B.N., Khamitova K., Dzekunov V.P., Carlsen L., Nauryzbayev M.K. Solution of problems on persistent organic pollutants. Industry of Kazakhstan 2, 46-51.
8. Kenessov B., Sailaukhanuly Ye., Koziel J.A., Carlsen L., Nauryzbayev M., 2011. GC-MS and GC-NPD Determination of formaldehyde dimethylhydrazone in water using SPME. Chromatographia 73, 123-128.
9. Carlsen L., Kenessov B.N., Batyrbekova S.Ye., Nauryzbayev M.K., 2010. On the space activities of the Baikonur cosmodrome an approach to an integrated environmental assessment. International Journal of Environmental Sciences 1, 55-64.
10. Nauryzbaev M.K., Burkitbaeva B.D., Turmukhanova M.Zh., Krasnoperova M.V., 2010. Influence of aminodiester on steel hydrogenation in a hydrosulfuric medium. Russian Journal of Applied Chemistry 83, 525-528.
11. Tulegenov A.S., Wheatley, R.J., Nauryzbaev M.K., 2009. Intermolecular potential and ab initio spectroscopy of the Ne-HF complex. Chemical Physics Letters 468, 290-293.
12. Kenessov, B., Batyrbekova, S., Nauryzbayev, M., Bekbassov, T.,Alimzhanova, M., Carlsen, L., 2008. GC-MS determination of 1-methyl-1H-1,2,4-triazole in soils affected by rocket fuel spills in Central Kazakhstan. Chromatographia 67, 421-424.

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