Composite Materials

Head of laboratory - PhD Nechipurenko Sergey Vitalievich

Laboratory activities associated with the development of new technologies of low-tonnage production of carbon-mineral sorbents used for wastewater treatment, flue gas industries, concentration of substance of precious and rare metals mining.
On the laboratory basis pilot production of nanostructured carbon materials was constructed.
We search for new applications of natural carbon materials , in particular, the effective catalysts for chemical reactions on the basis of schungite nanocomposites.
The laboratory is developing carbon-palladium catalysts on the basis of Kazakhstan shungite rocks products enrichment by flotation for the hydrogenation of edible oils, technological processes of obtaining highly pure arsenic and antimony, carbonizanators based on vegetable raw materials of Kazakhstan.

Every year about 12 undergraduate theses, 5 master's theses were prepared in the laboratory.
Four PhD students and 7seven graduates and undergraduates are working within R & D projects.

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