Employee participation in projects and programs.

1. Development and validation of methods of physico-chemical analysis of raw materials, products, and the final purified Silicon. 2012-2013. 100 thousand USD per year.

2. Scientific and technological support of intensification of gold production in the Republic of Kazakhstan. 2012-2014. 100 thousand USD per year.

3. Development of methods of obtaining of self-healing composition coatings. 2012-2014. 200 thousand USD per year.

4. The development of scientific, technological and innovative providing industries using electrochemical methods of extraction, analysis and production of new substances and materials. 2012-2014. 100 thousand USD per year.

5. Development of technology of production of pure scandium from multicomponent systems, and development of methods for the analysis of scandium, yttrium and zirconium using a low-melting organic reagents. 2012-2014. 

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