The results of scientific activity for 10 years (2005-2014).

In the framework of the project "Technology Commercialization" of RK with the financial support of the world Bank was established experimental-industrial production of active carbons and carbon-mineral sorbents (creation of production was made on a grant fundings, the main requirement of which was the Foundation of the new LLP “EcoHim” and LLP “AimLab"). The manufacturing facility was opened and certified test laboratory of quality of activated carbons, carbon materials and sorbents was established. Production of active coals (with total capacity up to 30 tons per month) of brand BAU-A, OU-B, based on coconut, and carbon-mineral sorbents on the basis of shungite is done. At the request of the customer production of coal or for a specific water purification is possible.
Currently the laboratory has developed filtering materials and installation to provide the population with clean drinking water (for water purification of decentralized water supply).

GRANTS 2012-2014

The creation of experimental-industrial production of nanostructured carbon materials for chemical-technological processes (MS and the international Bank for Reconstruction and Development)
Synthesis and study of nanocomposites on the basis of mineral and vegetable raw materials of Kazakhstan (RK)
Production of carbon-palladium catalysts on the basis of mineral raw materials of Kazakhstan (JSC "NATR")
Complex Program of fundamental research "Kazakhstan Shungite" to identify priority areas for use of shungite materials and products for 2013-2015 (RK)

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