Alpha spectrometer
"Alpha-Analyst model 7200-08 "CANBERRA" USA,1999
Beta-spectrometer TriCarb
Model: A310001,
Standard System USA,
"Perkin Elmer Life and Analytical Sciences
Gamma spectrometer P41488B,
Model: GEM-FX 7025-S, United States, "Ortec" 2007
Installing small background
MFIs-2000 (alpha-beta-radiometer) Russia, NGO "DOSE"
SF-56, Russia, 2010.
Thermal analyzer measurements (TG, TG and DTA, TG and DSC), Germany, 2011
The flame photometer
No. 06-1325 FP-640 “LEKI Instruments, Finland 2007
Ionometric converters:-500, I-130, And 160, and others, the Russian Federation, 2004
The set of sieves for mineral powder with a tray and cover the size of the cells 0,071; 0,08; 0,14; 0,63; 0,9; 1,25
The ball mill USA, "INTERROLL"
Vibrating screen model
RX-29-10, type ROTAR,
Oven muffle model A-55 - NDI USA "VULCAN"

Portable equipment

Portable dosimeter-radiometer DKS-96
Field gamma radiation dosimeters, E-0001805, 900 series, mini-monitor, No. 077,
Product Code 0339-3, PSA
Ergonometer portable SN 122, PRM 145 (Slovenia,
Portable laboratory for a complete physico-chemical analysis of water HachLange
LZV 729
Navigator global positioning GPS 12 XL (US, Garmin)

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